2006-2008 Paintings & Drawings

The quest in the works of Yorgos Papakarmezis lies in the human form and how time and space imprint images on our minds and these images fold with imperceptible changes through space reproducing time backwards. Bodies, time and space give form and take form, define and are defined, penetrate each other, sometimes intensely other times vaguely, sometimes give birth and are born and others dissolve.

His painting consists of concepts such as fertility, the wear of communication in a sexual relationship, existential searches of the subconscious, the mental world and imagination, human emotions, fears, obsessions, neurosis and despair.

The textures and gestural interference in his painting surface with the involvement of dripping and engraving convey the sense of vitality without any kind of maniera.

His painting qualities: sketching pungency, intensity of colour, controlled gestural brush and pulse line. The strictness of geometry creates a contrasting pair with the warmth and elan of painting trace and gesture.

Maria Kenanidou
Art Historian


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