2 thoughts on “2012-2014”

  1. Hi,
    I found your work through facebook and wanted to ask HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! I am an artist myself and I am always craving new technique so my real question is, would it be cool if we could share some tips wit one another? from time to time of course. Like the 3rd painting on your page with the girl with the blurred out eyes; what technique or painting gestures, brush strokes did you do to capture the details down just right with her lips and collar bone? Some question as to what method you did to get the eyes and cheek bones down on the painting with the womans eyes looking up diagonal with the bottom half of her face has that blue, gray, and black bleeding affect? I really hope to hear from you soon and would love to connect!

    Moon Willow


    1. Thank you for your interest.
      It’s all about patience and hard work. It’s not something that me (or anybody) can describe or teach with a few words through the internet. Try entering an art school or find a good teacher (if you haven’t done that already)…but in the end again it’s all about one thing: WORK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!


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